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Dana Klisanin is an award-winning psychologist committed to exploring and designing media & interactive technologies that encourage people to live consciously. Her research examines the impact of media and digital technologies on the mythic and moral dimensions of humanity, focusing on the positive ways that interactive technologies are impacting humanity, and the importance role IT can play in advancing moral qualities such as altruism and compassion. She is frequently quoted in the national and International press, among them USAToday, Time Magazine, BBC.

As Founder and CEO of Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc, Dr. Klisanin applies systems thinking and integral theories to the research, design, and creation of media. She enjoys speaking at international conferences and has published numerous articles. Dana blogs for Psychology Today and is Executive Director of the MindLAB at the c3:Center for Conscious Creativity in Los Angeles and an Executive Board member of the World Futures Studies Federation.  

An active member of the American Psychological Association Dana serves on the Media Watch Committee and the News Media, Public Education, and Public Policy Committee and is the founding Chair of the "Positive Media" Special Interest Group of Division 46. Additional professional memberships include: Association of Transpersonal PsychologyInternational Society for the Systems SciencesWorld Futures Studies Federation; and the UK Systems Society

Dana has conducted pioneering research in the areas of digital altruism, the cyberhero archetype, collaborative heroism, and the design of an integral model for media creation.  She is recipient of the 2012 Early Career Award for Scientific Achievement in Media Psychology from the American Psychological Association, Division of Media Psychology.  She is currently investigating the impact of internet technologies on heroism and designing an award-winning online gameCyberhero League, that enables individuals to address the 15 global challenges identified by the Millennium Project.  

My goal is to support a global renaissance of human values and a profound shift in our relationship with each other and the natural world. My research interests are most aptly described by the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology’s original Statement of Purpose. Each time I read it I feel the same sense of exhilaration I felt the first time I came across it. I could hardly believe that a field of study existed that so perfectly captured my areas of interest. I feel forever indebted to Anthony Sutich for his eloquent description and his pioneering work helping to establish the field of transpersonal studies...

"Theoretical and applied research in meta-needs, ultimate values, unitive consciousness, peak experience, ecstasy, mystical experience, B-values, essence, bliss, awe, wonder, self actualization, ultimate meaning, transcendence of the self, spirit, sacralization of everyday life, oneness, cosmic awareness, cosmic play, individual and species wide synergy, maximal interpersonal encounter, transcendental phenomena; maximal sensory awareness, responsiveness and expression; compassion; and related concepts, experiences and activities . . ."

 -Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, A. Sutich, 1969, p. 16


The Hero Roundtable, Psychology Panel, 2014, From left to right, Zeno Franco, Scott Allison, Dana Klisanin, Phil Zimbardo