Collaborative Heroism and the Cyberhero Archetype

Dr. Klisanin is currently investigating the impact of digital technologies, cloud computing, and social media on heroism through exploring interactive efforts to save lives, eradicate deadly diseases, and improve the human condition. Dr. Klisanin's previous research found that individuals who consistently and conscientiously use the Internet to help other people, animals, and the environment represent a new archetype: the cyberhero (Klisanin, 2012). Her recent research, drawing upon Dr. Phil ZImbardo's theory of the “heroic imagination" finds that cloud computing has profoundly impacted the mythic and moral spheres—giving rise to collaborative heroism (Klisanin, 2013). Her current research in this area is published in The Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership (2016)

Digital Altruism

Millions of people are using the Internet to act altruistically: from adding content to educational websites, like Wikipedia, to donating unused computing time to help researchers find cures for diseases; from playing online games that feed the hungry, to clicking, or watching videos, that donate to charity, etc. Dr. Klisanin's research in digital altruism reminds us that the best aspects of human nature are present online. (Klisanin, 2011). 

EGM-Integral: A Meta-Integral Model

An ever-evolving model,  EGM-Integral is a transdisciplinary model that brings together evolutionary systems design and integral theories for the purpose of supporting the  "conscious creation, use, and evaluation of media that aims to guide the evolutionary development of body, mind, and spirit, in self, culture, and nature" (Klisanin, 2010). Dr. Klisanin is currently completing The Integral Medium: An Inventory of Possibilities, a contemporary spin-on the McLuhan & Fiore's classic. The book is highly visual and designed to bring her research to "conscious creatives" and anyone interested in using the power of new media to co-create a better world.