Within each of us there lives a powerful force, filled with virtue, creativity, and ageless wisdom—the Sensuous Mystic
— Dana Klisanin, Eros & Kosmos

"The Arts — music, dance, drama, poetry, painting, & beyond — are recognized cross-culturally as profound portals for ecstatic union with the Divine.  As old as Shamanism, as robust as Chanting, as intimate as Whirling, and as bold as Zen calligraphy, from an Integral perspective, the Arts continue to present us with openings to Spirit — as numerous and diverse as the Forms themselves."

Dr. Klisanin opens the fertile terrain of consciousness using contemporary tools--the Internet, social media, and beyond. Grounded in the Perennial Philosophy and informed by Integral theory and contemporary transpersonal techniques, her approach to "consciousness hacking"  brings together insights from numerous spiritual traditions; its process of sensory immersion in the Arts is a contemporary extension of techniques with roots in ancient spiritual traditions.  Eros & Kosmos has begun publishing a series of essays on the approach: 

The Path of the Sensuous Mystic: IntroductionSelf-Annointing: The Perennial and Integral Ground of the PathSoul Elements: The Heart of the PathThe Path of the Sensuous Mystic: ChiaroscuroPath of the Sensuous Mystic: Tantric Treasure Hunt

The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.
— Emily Dickinson


Valoressence: One begins treading the Path through making a personal commitment to engage in valoressence, a process defined as the courage to explore the Good, True, and Beautiful, on one’s own terms.  The term arises from the union of the term valor (meaning courage) and essence (meaning one’s fundamental nature).

Soul elements:  A constellation of character strengths and virtues. Soul elements serve as the catalysts through which we begin our exploration of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. You will determine the soul elements you wish to work with.

Tantric treasure hunt: A two-fold spiritual adventure involving an inner treasure hunt (self-reflective process) and an exterior, or external treasure hunt (outer directed process)—in which one searches the treasury of the Arts for various representations of soul elements across time and culture.

Divine synesthesia: A meditative experience in which one uses one’s senses to experience the soul elements across sensory channels.  

Beneficent Obsession: A contemporary application of a concept first introduced by the Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli.  The beneficent obsession is a visionary art process in which you integrate your previous experiences through consciously creating a personalized multimedia artwork using techniques arising from visionary art as described by Alex Grey in The Mission of Art.

Blossoms are the ornaments of trees, it is flashes of lightning that adorn the big rain clouds, the lakes are adorned by lotuses and waterlilies with their intoxicated bees: but virtues brought to perfection are the proper ornaments of living beings.
— Inscription, Ajanta Caves, India